Bj+cum Pies POV: Don't Wreck My Hair!
Starring these models:
"I want to get Adam off, but keep my hair clean! BJ+choc. pies ;)"

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Date added:2/06/16
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First video with our newest, awesome equipment! You'll swear you're right there ;) So one night I wanted to get Adam off as I always want to ;)-- but I had literally just finished doing my hair... Since Adam has some pretty extreme loads I wanted to make sure there was NO way he was going to mess up my hair. I didn't want to wash it and style it all over again! I'm a little self-conscious about it, but thankfully Adam thinks it's not only cute, it's pretty hot hehe. So I start sucking his massive dick, getting it nice and wet, playing with it with my tongue, and all the while he's loving how cute I look and how good I am at taking his cock... I start using Both my hands to jerk him off while sucking his dick and then he stops me because he's about to cum. I'm a little confused because I Always want his cum in my mouth or all over my face, so he goes off and shoots an Enormous load on a pie instead of me! And by "enormous" I mean 7 huge streams of cum all over it. So much so that the pie is dripping with cum. He comes back to me and sees me pouting... He asks me what's wrong and I tell him that I wanted it all over my face, of course! So he pies me in the face with a heavy chocolate pie, made even heavier with all that cum ;) I'm surprised, but I obviously love it... He tells me that if I love it so much I should take off my bra and rub it into my tits. I lick and suck the remaining cum out of his dick, and say I wish I had some more, so he pies me Again! A nice massage of pies to the face... He keeps pieing me until both our hearts content. I rub it all over my face, my tits, even lift up my skirt and rub the mess into my bare pussy, showing it off for him, then I realize he's already Super hard all over again! I suck his dick, jack him off with all the mess, and tell him I should get him in the shower to fuck me with that hard dick. It's crazy how fast he "recovered" from cumming all over that pie! hehe. This video is hot AF and although we had to reduce it to standard def for UMD, the quality is still fucking amazing. I kinda can't stop watching it... Especially him shooting cum all over that pie ;)
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"Blessed are those who suck, for they shall receive cream (pie)"
wamwright  2/7/16

Jilly is simply adorable in her "Miss Muffet" shower cap and her cute little bow-tie choker with the tiny bell. Contrast that with the huge cock she manages to fit in her mouth rather gracefully. I don't know how she does it, but she does it Very well. I could lose myself in those big beautiful eyes while she performs her oral magic. Then come the chocolate cream pies with extra cream. Awesome! Out come those messy little titties and I'm a happy camper.

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