Half Hour Gunge Blowjob Bath
Starring these models:
"100lbs of green gunge 30 minutes Adam and Jilly=1 filthy video ;)"

File count:2
Total size:1.21 GB
Total runtime:1 hours, 14 secs
Date added:8/12/14
Scene ID:11779
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After hours of preparation, I invite Adam into the slimy, gungey goodness I've made for the both of us on a hot weekend night. First he acts like he's timid and afraid, but we both know he wants to get into it just as badly as I want him in there with me. We're both wearing white shirts and our underwear, something that will easily turn see-through once we're covered in slime. We kiss, we coat each other in it, we slip and slide around, touching each other in all the right places... My tank top is completely covered in gunge so you can see right through it. It's turned green from white from all of it! He sucks on my nipples, I run the slime through his thick hair, I feel his cock getting harder through his boxers and I turn around to rub my little booty against it. He takes it out and rubs it against my slippery panties, getting even harder, so I lean up against him while I jack him off, using the slime for lubrication. He puts his hands in my panties and starts rubbing my pussy, getting me incredibly horny and ready for whatever else he wants. I straddle his lap, grinding against him, we make out more, just go crazy while pulling more slime on to each other. We take off our shirts, squeeze out the slime on to each other, then it gets even hotter. Eventually I take his huge dick in my mouth and start sucking it. I hold on to the side of the tub for leverage because I'm giving it to him nice and hard. The other hand is gripped firmly around his dick, stroking it while I suck... He grabs my hair, running more slime through it, I add more slime to him for more lubrication. He grabs my head with both hands, fucking my mouth nice and hard, and when he's finally going to cum he pulls it out of my mouth, holds my head back, making me wait with my mouth wide open to take his huge load of cum. He shoots a massive amount of cum into my mouth, making me wait to swallow it all, and he slinks down into the tub, totally exhausted from getting off so hard. We both kiss again, catch our breath, and enjoy the slime around our bodies to cool us off. It's ridiculously-hot and I can't wait for you to see it ;) -jilly

2 files included: 1 HD and 1 standard def for slower download speeds or to take disk space ;)
Includes these files:
4,475 Kbps
964.11 MB
30.1 minutes
1,299 Kbps
279.93 MB
30.1 minutes

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