Bundle: Hardcore Jilly Adam WAM Bundle
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"Save over $20! Collection of hardcore, co-ed WAM feat. Jilly and Adam!"

Hi! Jilly here ^_^ This is a collection of our favorite "hardcore" WAM videos we've made together (so far...) I've decided to stick them all together at a reduced price so everyone can sneak a peek at how nasty we get together ;) In this bundle you get it All: huge bakery cakes, custard, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce, sprinkles, cake batter, slime, buckets of gunge, fruit, marshmallow fluff, chocolate syrup, f'mallow, the list goes on! As far as action goes, you'll see stripteases, fingering, ass-play, blowjobs, Pov, cake sitting, clothes filling, clothes ripping, jerking off, face-fucking, cumshots, and cum swallowing... Basically everything shy of fucking, but you can get those particular videos privately* It's an awesome deal for a limited time only. Enjoy ;)

-Jilly xoxo

*by emailing me at "thehomeschoolwinner@gmail.com." Payment is secure via paypal. Neither of us will accept credit card or bank information via email or messaging (don't ever give that stuff out online!)

Number of scenes:5
File count:10
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:3 mins, 30 secs
Date added:12/05/15
Scene ID:14777
Bundle price:
$32.00 20% off!
Originally $54.98


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2 files
Jilly Bed Fulla F'Mallow XXX
Added 3/2/17    11070 views
$10.00 20% off!
Tonight was the night I finally got Adam and me both in the glorious, sticky, stretchy, f'mallow, so I decided to do it the best way possible! Buckets and buckets full o...
2 files
Jilly XXX Hogtied Cake and Custard
Added 3/6/15    12092 views
$14.00 20% off!
So Adam and I got stuck in the ice and snow for a week and we were getting a little cabin fever... But I had the perfect remedy for that: getting messy and filthy as pos...
2 files
Tied and Slimed: Jilly Orgasm Denial Bj
Added 10/23/14    11834 views
$9.00 20% off!
So I wasn't very happy with Adam for his intense orgasm denial he put me through a couple months ago (which involved him covering me in tons of marshmallow fluff and choc...
2 files
X-Rated Couple Ice Cream Sundae HD
Added 9/22/14    9064 views
$11.99 20% off!
It's the weekend and that means Adam and Jilly are going to get nasty, as usual. They get in the kitchen in their undies and decide to make ice cream sundaes, but of cou...
2 files
Jilly's Orgasm Denial: Marshmallow Fluff Syrup
Added 7/8/14    10641 views
$9.99 20% off!
Includes both high and low-res copies of the video for slower internet connections or to save disk space! So for Adam's birthday weekend he wants to get Jilly messy in m...
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* Promo refers only to Wamfuckers, Inc.'s scenes.

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