Jilly Sucks Cream, Berries, and Cum!
Starring these models:
"The 1st of many messy BJ games w/Adam and Jilly, ending with a huge load ;)"

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"So one evening about a week ago I decided that Adam and I were going to have a little fun and he got to pick out what we were going to do, so I just picked up the camera and started recording him doing whatever he wanted to do. I didn't know I was going to be doing anything other than holding the camera, but that's never how it works between us, so he decides to put whipped cream and fresh blueberries all over his dick and gets the bright idea that we're going to play a game to see how many of them I can suck off of him, ie. see how deep I could take it so I could get all of the blueberries, so after filming him 'getting ready' to start, we switch places and I get on my knees and get to work... He asks me how many I think I can get and I say 'I hope I can get All of the blueberries, but I'm trying to be realistic!' and I was right, there was NO way I was getting all of them! hehe. It's not that I don't try, I'm definitely working very hard, but, as you can see, comparing his hard cock to my tiny mouth makes it understandably difficult. Even though it feels good, and I get all the blueberries, we say 'fuck it' and decide to have a little fun anyway. I use the slippery whipped cream, mixed with my spit, to jack him off, add more whipped cream and lick it off of him slowly, taking his balls in my mouth while still stroking his cock, then I keep sucking. It's not a game anymore, I'm after what I want and he's more than happy to let me have it. My hands are slippery and sticky with whipped cream and I jack him off while taking his huge dick in my mouth, doing whatever he asks, telling him how bad I want his cum even though you can barely hear me since my mouth is filled up as much as it can take! Finally I get what I want and he shoots a massive load in my mouth and, as requested, I keep it in my mouth so he can see it. Then he makes me keep it in my mouth and feeds me blueberries so I can mix it all together in my mouth... He keeps feeding me more blueberries while I lick every bit of excess cum off of me from my hands, my tits, even running down my arms. The video starts off with us just having fun, but it ends as filthy as possible exactly what we like. Enjoy ^_^

P.s. If anyone has any suggestions for more 'head games,' you know where to find us ;)"

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