Jilly Bound and Chilled by Landlord
Starring these models:
"Jilly must endure severe cold WAM every month she doesn't pay rent!"

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Jilly hasn't paid her rent, so her landlord turns off her heat and hot water, so Jilly calls him over to see what she can do. She said she'd do "anything" but when she realizes he wants to be unreasonable and have her get naked, she begs and pleads with him to not make her. It's cold in the flat, she doesn't want to get undressed. Soon she's been forced to get fully nude when her landlord realizes she Really doesn't like getting cold. This gives him an idea to put her in the bathtub, tied up, so he can turn the cold shower on her. He also decides to raid her fridge and realizes she has:

-3 large containers of yogurt

-3 containers of whipping cream

-a large bucket full of custard

-3 gallons of milk

-and 4 cartons of vanilla ice cream defrosting

All Ice Cold. He gets angry, realizing it must have cost her a lot of money on those items for a party, money she could have spent on her rent. For the next 15 minutes he methodically covers her in all of the ice-cold mess while she screams, curses, begs him to stop, and hyperventilates in response to the extreme cold. He taunts her, telling her she should have paid her rent; sometimes making fun of the fact she can't move as he rubs the mess between her legs. Her body shivers, goosebumps all over, her nipples as hard as can be. You can tell she hates him and the situation she's in. Once he decides he's done he said he's going to clean her off, but she remembers there's no hot water so she panics again. He cleans her off with the cold water while she can't get away. By the end she's huffing and puffing and he asks if she can pay next month, she knows she won't be able to so she says "see ya next month." It's an awesome video that pairs a desperate and distressed damsel with a passive, sarcastic, and sadistic landlord.
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