Jilly X-Rated Gunge Lapdance More!
Starring these models:
"Jilly gives Adam a sexy lapdance more w/ gallons of colorful gunge!"

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Total size:862.86 MB
Total runtime:37 mins, 42 secs
Date added:10/02/14
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This was one of the hottest weekends Adam and I have gotten to spend together alone so I wanted to make sure I made it extra messy for the both of us. I spent a long time making gallons and gallons of neon-colored gunge for us to get messy in, and I sat a chair right in the middle of the kitchen for him to get comfortable. I was still wearing my cutoff shorts (with a thong underneath!) a tank top, and my brand-new hot pink and black Reebok trainers, but I decided not to change. I knew he'd still think I looked sexy, plus we both like seeing tennis shoes get dirty... I start off by grinding my ass against his lap, making sure I get him nice and hard before I do anything else. Then I get on my knees and take off his shorts, so now he's stripped down to nothing but his boxers and a white t-shirt. I straddle his lap and grind up against him some more, then decide to get the first of my gunge and pour it all over my chest and down into my tank top. He rubs it into me while I grind it on to him, getting us both messy. I continue by pouring neon orange gunge on my chest, then he grabs the entire bucket of it and pours it All over ME. There is so much! It feels absolutely amazing... It feels even more amazing when I hop back on to him and grind against his hard dick while we're both covered in neon pink gunge. The lapdance continues then I decide to take off my shorts, wearing only a thong, tank top, and tennis shoes. I pour the entire bucket of orange gunge on him and we keep going at it I keep stroking his dick through his boxers because we're both super slippery... We're having a hell of a time ;) We both decide to move it to the floor and he gets behind me, rubbing his cock against my bare ass, doggy-style, while I repeatedly head-dunk in a container full of neon-green gunge. It feels SO good. It's insanely sexy, especially when I keep my head under a long time and come up covered in slime, gasping for breath. Once we're done with that we cover both of us with the green slime at the same time. I get in the floor on my back and start playing with my pussy and he gets a huge bucket of purple slime and pours it all over me, from head to toe, while I continue to rub myself... Obviously he can't control himself much longer so he gets on top of me and grinds his body against mine while I wrap my legs around him. We want to fuck so badly we can hardly stand it. I take my tank top off and we kiss while I jack off his massive cock and play with myself, then I tell him we need to get into the shower but only if he fucks me immediately.... That's part 2, my friends ;) There's lots more to the video, but there's no way to fit it all in! The information, that is hehe.


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