Jilly's Custard Pies Glass Dildo Watching WAM
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"Jilly uses a glass dildo for the 1st time, watching WAM w/ custard pies!"

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Date added:7/25/15
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Whew, so this video was... Wow. An experience, to say the very least! It was my very-first time using a glass dildo (or any kind of dildo!) on the inside, if youknowwhatImean...;) And since it was my first time, I wanted it to be really, really amazing. I queued up some of my favorite WAM videos with some of the hottest models, in my opinion, to get me nice and wet to prepare myself for it... I also made a bunch of heavy, creamy, thick and lovely custard cream pies to "assist" me ;) First I take the glass toy out of its box, as I've done a few times to take a good look, then I dip it in the pie so I can suck off the custard and cream... It was pretty nice feeling it all hard and slippery in my mouth hehe. I finally get nice and comfortable and get "warmed up" by touching myself under my red thongs, watching a gorgeous, huge-breasted WAM model get ready to be pummeled with pies ;) Soon I realize I'm going to need some more "lubrication" so I get up and pie myself between my legs and rub all the custard and cream into my pussy... Then I get back to playing with myself. I undo my cardigan and pie myself in the tits, then rub the dildo against my pussy, feeling the glass ribbing against my clit. It feels so good I decide it's time to actually put it inside... I start off nice and slow, but it's not long after I add more custard and cream between my legs that I start pushing it in harder and faster. I rub my clit while I put it in deeper, watching girls get slimed on my TV, then I decide to pie myself in the face because I'm about to cum. My legs tense up, you can see my feet shaking in my knee-high white socks, and I let out a few moans and squeals, looking at you periodically, then I cum so hard my head falls back... Chest heaving with hard breathing and satisfaction. It felt SO fucking amazing. After that I take off the rest of my clothes, pie myself on the booty, shake it off, and it gives me the idea to use the toy again while bending over and pushing my face into my remaining pies over and over again until I cum even harder. By the end of the video I am so loopy and satisfied that I light up a cigarette (I don't smoke anymore haha) and take a few minutes to sign off, totally amazed at the best "solo session" I've ever had. I'll probably never leave my house again ;) hehe

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