Jilly's Orgasm Denial: Marshmallow Fluff Syrup
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"Jilly gets messy in fluff and denied orgasm repeatedly until the very end."

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So for Adam's birthday weekend he wants to get Jilly messy in marshmallow fluff and chocolate syrup, but she doesn't know what is exactly in store for her. She's wearing nothing but a lacy black thong and thigh-high black Nylons when he lays her down on his bed, straddles her lap, and begins covering her in the first of seven containers of marshmallow fluff. They continue a playful, sexy banter in between passionate kisses when he decides to tell her what his plans are: he's going to do whatever it takes to get her off, but then he's going to stop right before she reaches orgasm, again and again and again. The first time he covers her panties in marshmallow cream, filling them, rubbing her pussy while she grabs him, kisses him, rubs the sticky marshmallow all over her tits, and when she's on the edge he stops. She's visibly irritated, but she continues. Then he decides to cover her in one of the few bottles of chocolate syrup now that she's down to nothing but her stockings, turning her around to cover her ass with syrup as well, making her lick it off his fingers and he licks it off her feet. The second time he gets on the side of the bed and makes Jilly spread her legs wide open for him. He licks her pussy while she begs him to let her cum and you hear a few muffled rejections from Adam, he's a little too busy to talk, then you hear him say "NO!" because he is definitely not going to let her get off without his say-so. Once again she's insanely close to coming and he stops. She's very upset, pretty much hates him at this point, but, like he has asked her to, she trusts that she'll get what she waited for. Next he's on the bed with Jilly and asks her to turn away from him, sticking her sweet ass up for him so he can finger her pussy. He commands her to tell him when she's going to cum. Jilly really doesn't want to tell him because she doesn't want him to stop, but he says that it will be totally worth it, so she listens, sorry to any headphone users out there because she gets loud moaning and squealing like crazy while Adam is fingering her pussy nice and hard. Jilly grabs at the bed, begs him to do it harder, all leading up to the point where she finally gets what she's been waiting for. When she tells Adam she's finally cumming, he covers her entire face in sticky chocolate syrup. It's just another amazingly hot scene from this sexy-ass couple. Adam got a pretty decent birthday gift watching his lady cum so hard for him.
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